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McDonald's Lelystad and Almere are going green with EV-Box

Dutch McDonald's franchisee Panky Nefkens, who runs McDrives in Lelystad and Almere, is an innovative entrepreneur. Recently he became the first McDonald's franchise in The Netherlands with its own EV Charging Stations for electric cars and scooters.
On Thursday 11 November - the Dutch 'National Sustainability Day' - two EV-Box Charging Stations were put into service. Customers of both McDonald's restaurants are now offered to charge their Electric Vehicles for free. Mr. Nefkens is proud with this new milestone: "Nowadays it is so important to be innovative and at the same time being social responsible."
For McDonald's, corporate responsibility is about living their values each and every day. It's about taking action, achieving results and always maintaining open lines of communication with customers and other key stakeholders. At McDonald's everybody is determined to continuously improve social and environmental performance together with suppliers and independent restaurant franchisees, toward a sustainable future.
McDonald's is striving to ensure that every step of the supply chain contributes positively to the safety, quality, and availability of its final products. Just as importantly, they want the ingredients that go into the products to be produced in ways that contribute positively to the development of sustainable agricultural and food manufacturing practices.
McDonald's takes its responsibility to the environment seriously. In 1990, the Global Environmental Commitment was established, and since then, they have been focused on improvements designed to continuously improve the environmental performance. At the restaurant level, they have focused globally on three main fronts: Energy Efficiency, Sustainable Packaging & Waste Management and Green Restaurant Design.
On top of this international policy Panky Nefkens feels that it is important to take it a step further: "There is so much talking about the environment, but I think we should act! When we renovated our McDrive in Lelystad we accounted for the latest technology in the areas of energy saving and environmental issues. And soon we will do the same at our restaurant in Almere."
Furthermore it was decided that the restaurant manager will get an electric vehicle and for the staff an electric scooter is made available. It was important to install a charging station for electric vehicles, says Nefkens: "I'm very pleased that within days after talking to EV-Box the branded charging stations were put in place in front of our restaurants. Our clients can now benefit and charge their vehicles for free!"
Franchisee Nefkens is also incentivizing his staff: "We are striving to make the staff think 'green'; they can win an electric scooter if they do well at the national quality competition of McDonald's Netherlands, early 2011".
EV-Box CEO Bram van de Leur praises McDonald's franchisee Panky Nefkens: "Nefkens is a very good entrepreneur who runs his company with a good mixture of business sense and corporate and social responsibility and who is acting accordingly. Soon there will be thousands of electric vehicles in our country and a company like McDonald's will have to be prepared for that development!"
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