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KleenSpeed Lite EV Power System

EV Power Systems eliminate emissions and reduce fuel costs 90% while enhancing vehicle performance

KleenSpeed Technologies Inc. have announced the commercial availability of a complete electric vehicle power system, the "KleenSpeed Lite EV Power System," for cars, trucks and utility vehicles with a completed weight under 2500 pounds.
Priced at $14,900, the Lite EV Power System enables the conversion of combustion engine vehicles into high performance, clean electric vehicles. The "Lite" system is powered with 110 volts, creating a low cost, light weight solution.
The system includes:
  • AC induction motor with 50 peak horsepower
  • Motor controller and dashboard display
  • Battery management and charge system
  • Lithium ion batteries totaling 20 KWH for 70 to 100 miles of travel
  • Cables, connectors, contactor and DC/DC converter.
KleenSpeed created and installed the KleenSpeed Lite EV Power System in a 1990 Miata transforming it to a KleenSpeed "Eiata." The conversion addressed all passenger car systems including power brakes and steering, headlights, dash display and car balance, and the Eiata's performance has been exceptional. With over 800,000 sold in the US, the Miata provides both an ideal test platform and a substantial conversion market opportunity. The Lite EV Power System works with or without a transmission or torque converter.
For the past three years KleenSpeed's mission has been to develop Electric Vehicle Power Systems that efficiently utilize "electric fuel" from lithium ion battery packs. System discipline and integration are KleenSpeed's hallmark, yielding increased mileage per charge - the holy grail of all electric vehicles. KleenSpeed has developed proprietary system components that it integrates with other best of breed components into elegant, efficient state-of-the-art EV systems.
Using racing as its test bench, KleenSpeed put its EV systems to the test in three race cars as well as the Eiata. In July of 2009 and again in 2010, KleenSpeed won the Re Fuel EV time trail with the Electric Lap Record at Mazda Laguna Seca Race Track.
Testing systems in race cars on race tracks and the NASA runway has enabled KleenSpeed to push components and performance to their limits and thereby extending vehicle range.
Electric vehicles are rated by miles per charge and reliability, and the KleenSpeed Lite EV Power System has proven to yield more miles with 100% reliability.
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Source: KleenSpeed
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