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Infinyte Marine add to their line of eco-watercraft

Canadian company Infinyte Marine has added a new model to their eco-watercraft line, which now includes the i2, i3, i4 and the latest design, the i8 (pictured).
This newest model is also the most sizeable to date but is not offered on the market as yet. Designed to compete in the luxury cruising market, the 25ft craft can comfortably accommodate up to 12 people and reach a top speed of 20mph. A bio-diesel generator is available, however the i8 as standard is fully-electric and comprises integrated hard top solar panels.
The i4 catamaran is currently the largest model available for purchase and arguably the most versatile of the Infinyte ranks, intended primarily for leisurely family outings and cruising with friends. The company claims the 223kg boat can be towed by virtually any vehicle. A maximum of 5 people can be catered for on the 14ft craft, with two sun loungers and a top speed of 8mph. It is symmetrically designed to increase power efficiency and smoothly cut through the water. Dual charging options are provided, both on and off board to supply up to 10 hours of run time. The boat comes as standard with battery cells that are maintained by the onboard charger or can be charged by a typical 240V household outlet. Maneuverability is fairly simplistic using joystick steering that includes an integrated battery monitor, with the capability to pivot 360 degrees. Production began in 2010 and the i4 can now be purchased for $12,999.
As the names suggest, the i2 and i3 are the smallest of the selection, intended as a fly-fish boat and slightly larger utility craft respectively. Both vessels are offered with a choice of motor, either electric or environmentally friendly 4 stroke combustion engine.
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