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ABSL Power Solutions acquired by EnerSys

The giant automotive companies with electric vehilce interests take a global view. For example, GM has its Adam Opel and other subsidiaries across the world. Now smaller automotive companies such as Tara International, Tesla Motors, Peraves, Bluebird Automotive, eCRP and Alke' are also expanding globally with electric vehicles. A similar thing is happening with aerospace companies involved in electric aircraft such as EADS and boat companies, even small ones such as Kopf Solarschiff.
EnerSys a global storage energy solutions provider has purchased the lithium-ion battery business, ABSL Power Solutions Ltd from CIP Industries L.P. Incorporated.
ABSL has been supplying lithium-ion cells and batteries for defense and aerospace applications in Europe and the United States since 2000 drawing on the scientific and industrial traditions of the United Kingdom's AEA Technology, which formed the business in the 1970s. With annual revenues in excess of $30 million, ABSL has supplied batteries for over 70 space satellite systems along with instrumentation systems for various space missions. Additionally, their batteries are used by soldiers around the world in portable communication systems.
Chairman, president, and CEO of EnerSys, John D. Craig, says, "this acquisition is another step in our strategy to diversify our technology base and strengthen our prior investments in lithium systems to meet the needs of our customers. EnerSys continues to seek opportunities that offer profitable growth in our chosen markets. We believe that lithium batteries will be a significant growth engine for EnerSys in the coming years, complementing the growth of our existing business in lead and nickel based batteries."
UK-based ABSL Power Solutions mass produce lithium-ion cells and develop flexible, intelligent solutions. The company is exhibiting this year at the IDTechEx event Electric Vehicles - Land, Sea & Air Europe 2011 to showcase technology that can be utilized in various electric vehicles including Light Armored Vehicles, AUVs, UUVs, robotic concepts and both commercial and industrial OEM bespoke programs.
which has now been renamed from Future of Electric Vehicles to reflect its unique covering of the whole subject.
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Image source: ABSL Power Solutions
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