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Balqon Receives $15.9 Million Order from China

The giant automotive companies with electric vehilce interests take a global view. For example, GM has its Adam Opel and other subsidiaries across the world. Now smaller automotive companies such as Tara International, Tesla Motors, Peraves, Bluebird Automotive, eCRP and Alke' are also expanding globally with electric vehicles. A similar thing is happening with aerospace companies involved in electric aircraft such as EADS and boat companies, even small ones such as Kopf Solarschiff.
Balqon Corporation, a Harbor City, California-based developer and manufacturer of zero-emissions heavy-duty electric vehicles, lithium battery energy storage products and electric drive systems, has received an order from Winston Global Energy, headquartered in Shenzhen China, for 300 electric drive systems at a purchase price of approximately $53,000 per unit.
Winston Global Energy will integrate Balqon's electric drive systems into a fleet of buses ranging in size from 15 to 40 passenger capacity and market them to local private and government fleet operators in China. Balqon expects that the $15.9 million order will create approximately 150 jobs in Los Angeles County during the next 18 months.
Balqon anticipates that it will begin production of the 300 electric drive systems in mid-2011 at its headquarters in Harbor City, California and plans to begin hiring new employees within the next month. A majority of the 150 jobs expected to be created will be direct labor for the fabrication and assembly of the electric drive systems and the remaining jobs will be in the engineering and research and development fields.
The electric drive system incorporates a high efficiency electric motor and automatic transmission with Balqon's proprietary inverter technology, a lithium-ion battery management system, a vehicle diagnostic system and related software. Balqon's electric drive system provides its customers with a single integrated system for medium and heavy duty commercial vehicles.
In 2008, Balqon was the first company to provide a zero emissions electric tractor with a 30 ton capacity to Port of Los Angeles. In 2010, Balqon continued its pioneering vision when it jointly developed the world's first electric Class A motor home with Riverside, California-based MVP RV, a company owned by Winston Global Energy.
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Source: Balqon Corporation
Image Source: Balqon Corporation
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