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Japan installs EV charging vending machines

Adapting small, populous, publically available units into electric vehicle charging stations is appearing to become something of a trend. Telekom Austria have renovated archaic phone booths into charging stations and now Panasonic Electric Works are set to lead an initiative that will see Japanese motorists charging up at vending machines. This contrasts with the more conventional approach at Future Transport Systems in the UK for example and leaders in charging infrastructure such as Siemens AG in Europe concentrating on specification improvements, notably faster charging times.
Panasonic will lead development of the chargers whilst Japanese vending machine operator Forking KK will utilize its networks to provide locations and project guidance. Along with a syndicate of Japanese companies the project aims to install 10,000 EV chargers at various locations around the country by as early as next year, with SoftBank Telecom and SoftBank Mobile providing telecom structure installation.
It is unclear exactly how these charging stations will be implemented but it is expected that charging vending machines will be installed adjacent to regular, pre-existing vending units. The project is due to commence at the end of March.
As with many countries around the world the main obstacle preventing wide spread EV adoption is considered to be a lacking infrastructure. Innovative projects such as this one are providing what EV customers need now whilst nationwide, sustainable infrastructures are being developed and integrated.
Mitsubishi Electric has re-examined the fundamentals of EV charging infrastructure recently.
which has now been renamed from Future of Electric Vehicles to reflect its unique covering of the whole subject.
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Image source: Microgrid Energy
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