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Turkey to manufacture Renault's Fluence Z.E. this year

Most large electric vehicle manufacturers manufacture them in their home country and add geographically well spread manufacture around the world, partly for political reasons of being seen to support local economies. Thus Adam Opel is part of the rollout of General Motors hybrid car production with an adapted model. Tata Motors of India is developing its own electric vehicles from scratch though at its Jaguar Land Rover business in the UK, part of Tata Motors Europe. Indeed, Bladon Jets in the UK is a Tata investment with its gas turbine electric vehicle range extenders to be used by Jaguar. Tara International makes its electric cars only in its home base of India for now. Daimler AG has yet to make clear its global strategy for electric vehicles on land but it will make in Canada the fuel cells to be incorporated in some of them. Its Mercedes Benz subsidiary is launching a pure electric delivery van for example. Indeed, EADS in Europe has experimental pure electric planes but global manufacturing strategy is in the future for these. Tesla Motors has been manufacturing in Europe but will globalise manufacture as it expands.
At the 2010 Paris Motor Show Renault revealed its pure electric Fluence Z.E. sedan. Now production is scheduled to begin this summer at Renault's Turkish manufacturing plant in Bursa.
The electric Fluence Z.E. is aesthetically similar to its diesel counterpart and includes all the expected technological gadgets. Within the external shell is housed a synchronous electric motor with rotor coil and a 22kWh lithium-ion battery behind the rear seats. Peak power is 70kW at 11,000rpm, while maximum torque is 226Nm. Three possible charging options are available; via a 10A or 16A, 220V household mains supply, which will take between six and eight hours to fully charge; in 30 minutes at 32A 400V fast charge stations; or at a Quick Drop battery exchange station that will replace the battery in 3 minutes.
This will be the first mass-produced, all-electric, car to be fully manufactured in Turkey and will join production lines already generating the diesel powered Fluence. The Bursa plant can manufacture up to 30,000 electric cars and a total of 360,000 vehicles annually.
Europeans will be the first able to purchase a Fluence Z.E. with prices ranging from €21,300 to €26,000 ($30,331 to$37,000), comparable to the price of a diesel Fluence. Initial export dates are set for September this year.
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Image source: Renault
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