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BYD Auto to trial e-buses in Denmark

China's foremost electric vehicle and battery manufacturer, BYD Auto, is expanding its influence into Denmark with the introduction of all-electric trial buses for Copenhagen locals despite redundancies and retrenchment in its Chinese electric car plant. This is an interesting development because Daimler AG of Germany is a global leader in parallel hybrid buses through its Orion subsidiary as is BAE Systems of the UK with its series hybrid powertrains for buses.GM has its Adam Opel subsidiary in Germany leading in local hybrid car manufacture but GM activity in buses is modest.
Whilst BYD will produce the vehicles, Denmark's largest public transport agency Movia will deploy the K9 e-buses beginning in the second half of 2012. Initially two will operate in and around the Copenhagen region with a view to expanding the fleet during the 2 year trial period.
In addition to BYD's 'Fe' battery, emissions-free travel is supplemented by a roof mounted solar array and in-wheel motors. The 12 meter long K9 is already in operation in China with 1,000 e-buses contracted for the Hunan Government but this is its first international trial. Each bus is expected to reduce carbon emissions by 55 percent comparable to that of a conventionally powered equivalent. A full battery charge of 4 to 6 hours can power the bus up to 250km.
Small, local e-buses already run around Copenhagen but the Danish government is hoping a successful K9 trial will allow for the replacement of the exiting diesel powered fleet, thus becoming the first full-sized, pure electric bus to operate regular passenger routes in Europe.
The introduction of electric public transportation will be a key consideration for Denmark in light of the country's recent pledge to become a fossil-fuel free country by 2050.
"Green Growth is becoming more and more crucial, and of course, I am proud that we in Denmark are at the forefront in, among others things, electric cars and electric buses," said Lene Espersen, Denmark's foreign minister.
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Image source: Technologic Vehicles
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