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Renault expands its electric, light commercial vehicle range

Renault is prioritising pure electric vehicles in line with its partner Nissan. In Europe Tesla Motors is doing the same and Mitsubishi has the same view. By contrast, Adam Opel and Tata Motors Euope including Jaguar Land Rover prefer the hybrid route. Daimler AG is backing both horses with a Hybrid S Class Mercedes but a pure electric van and Smart car in process of launch.
Renault is expanding its range of electric vehicles to include a larger version of the Kangoo Z.E. van. The company has a range of four zero emissions vehicles including the saloon Fluence Z.E. and the standard Kangoo Z.E. This larger addition will provide the company with a broader market spectrum that can utilize their electric, light commercial vehicles.
The Maxi Z.E. is available in a two-seater and five-seater versions, both offering the typical 100 mile (160 km) range of affordable pure electric on-road vehicles and a 44kW electric motor. The battery is positioned below the floor to maximize space and results in a carrying capacity ranges up to 3.5 m3, loading lengths of 2.50 m and a payload is 650 kg. Seats can be folded and repositioned to adjust to spatial requirements. The battery can be fully charged between six and eight hours via a standard 220V 16A socket.
The vehicles are expected to become available in Autumn this year with an approximate UK retail price of £17,990 (£29,410) for the two-seater and £18,690 ($30,554) for the five-seater, excluding VAT.
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