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New French EV sharing scheme

An electric vehicle sharing campaign is being implemented in the French Riviera and Monaco and its service provider has called upon contactless smart card manufacturer ASK of Nice to provide the technology. The scheme has been named Auto-bleue and those taking advantage of the initiative will have access to 48 vehicles located in the greater Nice area. Contactless cards will be used to unlock car doors and the motor's reloading point. In February, ASK also launched the Carte Azur, which is a smart card for use on all public transport in the area, such as light rail, buses and bikes.
"Public transports play a significant role in the sustainable policy implemented by the region's urban community," it stated.
France is not the only country to be making use of such technology, as Canadian public transport service Translink is set to launch a new smart card in 2013, called Compass. Indeed, the London Oyster card for buses and trains, and soon other forms of transport, is contactless and held by over six million people.
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Posted on: April 26, 2011

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