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Carbon Trust funding for ITM Power

ITM Power (AIM: ITM), the energy storage and clean fuel company, and the Carbon Trust, are pleased to announce additional Carbon Trust grant funding of £91,956 towards the continued development of the Company's materials for application in automotive fuel cells.
ITM Power has previously reported fuel cell power density results (5.5W/cm2 and 10A/cm2) with hydrogen /oxygen which are approximately three times that of current commercial technology. Previous Carbon Trust funding was granted in order to establish if similarly high power densities could be achieved using the Company's patented membrane materials with hydrogen/air systems.
Following early achievement of the challenging technical targets (in excess of 2.1W/cm2 and 4A/cm2 being reported on 1st February 2011 with hydrogen/air) the Carbon Trust have provided additional grant funding to enable ITM to further develop its unique technology offering for the emerging fuel cell automotive sector.
The focus of this follow-on program will be the examination of performance sensitivities with respect to reduced catalyst loading against industry standard protocols. In parallel, the Carbon Trust will continue to support ITM Power with introductions to further commercial end-users.
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