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Israel's leading e-scooter manufacturer builds on success

Kooper International, which was founded back in 2008 and based in Tel Aviv, Israel, manufactures premium e-Scooters (e-Rollers, e-Steps) for local and international markets. The company develops high-end zero emission, environmentally-friendly, accessible and affordable, high-performance and lightweight urban electric vehicles.
Following a 2-year extensive and in-depth product development process led by top Israeli engineers, the company introduced a breakthrough E-scooter called Kooper, which was first made available to the public in September 2009. It employs the most innovative, environmentally-friendly technology, providing a long-range, energy efficient and dynamic ride.
The company recently received the European TUV Standard Homologation Certificate for the Kooper, following a 12-month extensive authorization process. In addition, a new state of the art factory was recently opened in order to meet growing demand for electric urban transportation.
Key Features and advantages:
  • The Kooper is light (25-28kg including batteries, single tube Aluminum frame) and durable (made of the best available materials).
  • Its powerful on-demand , power electric ,micro-sized, robust DC brushless rear motor assures smooth and silent driving performance, remarkable acceleration and a top cruising speed of up to 35 km/h.
  • Its Built-in 24 volt 10ah lithium battery pack which creates an effective 48v power supply, which provides a standard range of 35-50 km, making it the ultimate eco-friendly city transporter.
  • Fast inner charger - easy 4-5 hr. charging & optional removable batteries.
  • Safety - it's equipped with a front and rear electric break system.
  • Smooth ride - Kooper hovers on streets and pavements thanks to a unique rear suspension unit and 2 front 3" front shock absorbers.
  • Suitable for shared rides, carrying children and equipment.
  • Portability - adjustable and folding handlebar.
  • Customizable - comes in various colors (frame, board, handlebar, etc.), with or without a seat.
  • Multiple optional accessories - board covers, mirrors, mobile phone holders, on-board MP3 system, GPS units, cup holder, etc.
  • Easy to use and requires low maintenance.
The company has also launched a powerful advanced model called Dooper, offering a unique synchronized two-wheel-drive e-scooter (two motors).
Since its launch, the Kooper has become the leading brand in Israel, dominating 78% of the market. Kooper Israel, the company's first distributor, currently owns several Kooper concept shops offering both Kooper & Dooper models along with a wide range of accessories. Each location offers both retail space and a small service workshop.
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Source and image: Kooper International
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