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FDK, Asahi Kasei join in li-ion capacitor JV

FDK and Asahi Kasei today concluded a basic agreement to establish a joint-venture company for the combined operation of a lithium ion capacitor (LIC) business.
The LIC is a next-generation energy storage device which allows rapid charging and discharging at high current. It features higher cell capacity than conventional electric double-layer capacitors (EDLCs) and longer life than lithium-ion batteries (LIBs). A large market for LICs is forecasted to develop beginning in 2015, as they contribute to energy conservation through more efficient use of electric power.
Identifying the LIC as a growth product, FDK has been a pioneer in its development and established a mass production system which enables integrated manufacture from LIC cells through complete modules. Asahi Kasei advanced work on the LIC based on its established technology for LIB materials, and successfully developed a high-performance LIC with low internal resistance which is ready for commercialization.
In recognition of the advantage of combining FDK's cell and module technology and production technology with Asahi Kasei's unique basic cell technology, the two parties concluded today's basic agreement for the establishment of a joint LIC business which will further strengthen R&D and supply capabilities.
Source: Asahi Kasei
IDTechEx notes that these devices are generically supercabatteries, less often called bacitors or Assymmetric Electrochemical Double Layer Capacitors. For now they are small devices for electronic circuits but alternatives to traction batteries are expected later. Elon Musk, founder of Tesla, believes that supercapacitors and their variants are the future of traction batteries. Sinautec has electric buses running on supercapacitors alone but they need recharging every few kilometers. Thus the need to combine the battery and supercapacitor techniology to get more acceptable range and vastlysuperior charge discharge speed and life of over 20 years - at least double that of today's lithium-ion traction batteries.
(small commercial vehicles and cars), Daimler AG (commercial and military vehicles and cars), Ioxus and Elbit Systems (both on supercapacitors) will present. Uniquely, a large number of electric vehicle manufacturers not seen in conventional EV events will present including WheelTug/ Boeing airliner electrification on the ground, Pipistrel manned electric aircraft, University of Michigan unmanned solar aircraft and SolTrac electric farm tractors. Many manufacturers of industrial, commercial, military, e-bike, cars and other EVs will be there. At last you can meet those responsible for the majority of the hybrid and pure electric vehicle market and they all need components!! Most are prosperous growing businesses not reliant on government support that can be withdrawn at any time.
Source: Asahi Kasei
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