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Polymer lithium sulphur EV battery

INDUCT and OXIS Energy Limited of the United Kingdom have collaborated to develop and launch the world's 1st commercial pure electric vehicle battery system powered by OXIS's Polymer Lithium Sulphur chemistry and technology.
The Polymer Lithium Sulphur battery system will be integrated into the INDUCT Modulgo, a low cost urban electric vehicle, set for launch into the French City market.
Modulgo is in effect a 4 wheel mobile phone, designed with telematics technology and provides car sharing solutions. The combination of OXIS's chemistry and INDUCT's technology is a paradigm shift in the powering of future electric vehicles.
The OXIS battery system is inherently safer and more reliable than current battery systems. Its chemistry is ultimately biodegradable, as it does not contain heavy metals or toxic components. OXIS is confident that its Polymer Lithium Sulphur battery systems will be significantly cheaper than that of Li-Ion.
When compared to Lithium-Ion (Li-lon), the Oxis battery system with its superior energy density and reduced weight will evolve towards 5 times the performance of existing technology. This will provide the consumer with significantly longer travelling distances per charge as well as affording increased power for telemetry services.
INDUCT is already at an advanced stage of designing and manufacturing electric vehicles such as Cybergo, an autonomous electric shuttle ideal for metropolitan cityservices demonstrated in the streets of Paris on October 13th. "We have been actively collaborating with OXIS for the past 12 months and we're now moving to a stage of developing and producing the technology for use in Modulgo and eventually Cybergo. The vehicles will be sold as a service subscription with access to car sharing, telecommunications and consumer services." says Pierre Lefevre, Chief Executive Officer of INDUCT.
Huw Hampson-Jones CEO of OXIS Energy stated, "This is an excellent opportunity for OXIS to work with an innovative European electric vehicle manufacturer. France has shown clear leadership in the deployment of electric cars. A poor safety and PC\9999.363\36922 energy performance record are features of the current battery technology used in electric vehicles. From all over the world, we have plenty of evidence of fire and explosions occurring with the use of Lithium Ion batteries. This is a big risk for consumer sharing of vehicles. OXIS has the opportunity to demonstrate the significant safety advantages of the new design of the Polymer Lithium Sulphur battery system, such that when people share cars they know the battery technology being used is inherently safe.
OXIS has the technology to replace the petrol engine as the means of powering vehicles. Bearing in mind that INDUCT is supported by the French public sector body Yvelines General Council, we see no need for European Public Sector bodies to purchase petrol driven vehicles for public use beyond 2015. In this, both INDUCT and OXIS as European companies are ahead of the USA and Asia."
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