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Electric charging points at Waddesdon Manor

Waddesdon Manor has installed one of the most advanced electric vehicle (EV) charging points available in their main car park, allowing those visiting the site by EV to replenish their batteries free of charge.
The points installed are manufactured by Chargemaster Plc and can each support two cars simultaneously - enabling EV drivers from cities including Coventry, Milton Keynes, Oxford and London to visit and recharge their vehicles whilst enjoying the magnificent collections and gardens the venue has to offer.
"Waddesdon are pleased to be involved with this scheme. Providing facilities for our visitors to recharge electric vehicles on site and encouraging low carbon travel supports the National Trust Green Living campaign. Waddesdon is keen to support any initiatives to lower our environmental impact." said Kathryn Hobbs, Press and Marketing Assistant, of Waddesdon Manor.
This installation at Waddesdon Manor is part of an extension to the successful Plugged in Places scheme by Milton Keynes Council and has been funded by SEEDA - both of which have championed the roll-out of an advanced interoperable charging network that increases the number of potential destinations EV drivers can travel to.
"We are very happy that the Milton Keynes extension project has been able to work with Waddesdon Manor to integrate facilities for modern low carbon transport with such a popular recreational venue. We were keen to provide electric vehicle charge posts, not just at commercial premises in cities, but also at leisure destinations in rural areas to ensure accessibility to low carbon travel for as wide an audience as possible throughout the region". said Arup Associate Director Tim Armitage.
Source: ARUP
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