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KleenSpeed KAR EV technology

KleenSpeed aim to become a leader in the global electric car marketplace through advanced engineering and design with the production versions of the KleenSpeed KAR. The KleenSpeed KAR VX-1 will be a real world viable 2-passenger vehicle and is the first in a series of EVs based on the KAR Platform technologies.
The KAR project consists of 4 stages which are being simultaneously designed and engineered to accelerate final development.

STAGE 1 - E-MAX EV System

The system currently under development and testing for the KAR Platform is designed to offer performance, efficiency and range. Final specifications have not been set, but prototypes feature a KleenSpeed Energy Storage system featuring 40kWh of energy delivered through a KleenSpeed Controller to a 100 kW/134 HP electric motor with 221 lb ft of torque. Performance goals for the MAX EV System are a real world range of 120-140 miles per charge with true sports car performance.

STAGE 2 - KAR Platform

The EV system is integrated into the KAR Platform via a modular design concept featuring a front subframe, complete with all steering and suspension components; a rear subframe containing the controller electronics, motor, transmission and rear suspension; and a sealed energy storage system consisting of the batteries and battery management system. The modular nature of the platform components provides for the flexibility to readily adapt the MAX EV System to many other vehicle applications.


KleenSpeed has forged a relationship with an electric vehicle manufacturer in China. The KAR will adapt the MAX EV System to a modified version of a recently developed small car EV currently being built and sold in China with the Chinese manufacturer's own basic EV system based on lead-acid battery technology. The vehicle will be ready for public unveiling and road testing in early 2012. Market target for the KleenSpeed VX-1 is a retail price in the $30K range in the US. The KAR Platform will also integrate into other model configurations offered by their manufacturing partner.


KleenSpeed's design team is now at work on the concepts for the second generation KAR. The body and interior will be manufactured by their partner in China, then fitted with the KleenSpeed KAR Platform for sale into US and global markets beginning in 2014.
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Source and images: KleenSpeed
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