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Electric Vehicles International wins GSA approval to supply US Govt

Four EVI medium-duty, all-electric models available to federal agencies

Electric Vehicles International (EVI) has been awarded a U.S. General
Services Administration (GSA) Schedule, making it possible for federal
agencies and military forces to purchase the company's vehicles.
Under solicitation QMAA-F6-110004-­N, four EVI models of medium duty all ­electric trucks and vans have been approved for government
purchase, giving EVI the most comprehensive GSA-approved portfolio
of all-electric, medium duty vehicles.
"EVI's addition to the GSA vehicle automotive list is another big win
for EVI as we look to grow our customer base throughout the country," said Frank Jenkins, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.
"We are excited to partner with federal agencies and military forces
as they look to transform their fleets to clean, energy efficient, long life battery electric vehicles that are built to stand up to the rigors
of military use."
EVI's medium duty truck and walk-­in vans are all electric, class 4-­6
delivery trucks boasting more acceleration and torque compared to internal combustion engines. With a top speed of 65mph and a range
of 90 miles, EVI vehicles are well suited for return-to-base applications. Lithium iron magnesium phosphate batteries from Valence Technology power EVI vehicles.
"This is welcome news for EVI and our region and I've been happy
to support them in their efforts. The work they do is a perfect example of how American ingenuity and hard work can create jobs,
generate economic growth, and keep us competitive in the International market. This new opportunity comes at a time when we
need to focus on creating jobs and the economic health of our country," said U.S. Representative Jerry McNerney, from California's 11th District.
GSA is responsible for government contracts that provide streamlined purchases for government entities. GSA Automotive is responsible for
procuring more than one bllion vehicles each year.
EVI is a pioneer in zero emission electric vehicle development, manufacturing and deployment, with over 20 years of success optimizing zero emission, all-electric Powertrains.
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