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Solar hybrid propulsion system for advanced eco yacht

iRobot Corporation and Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute develop Autonomous Underwater Vehicles that are pure electric. Propulsion Marine and others sell small and medium surface boats affordable my most people. The University of Michigan unmanned solar aircraft can land and take off on the sea.
By contrast, the new 42m superyacht Ocean Supremacy is a Super Fast eco friendly motor yacht designed by Sauter Carbon Offset Design (SCOD). The Superyacht boasts an incredible maximum speed of 53 knots making her Pirate proof, and her 50% reduction in fuel consumption and 14 knot Zero Carbon Cruising Speed make her the most advanced Eco Luxury Superyacht that money can buy.
The yacht uses a 9 MW Solar Hybrid Propulsion System powered by a combination of Sustainable Sources of energy that integrate and exploit the availability of; Solar, Wind, Wave and Bio Mass Diesel power.
  • Solar;
70 KW Marine solar cell array charging a 2 MW Lloyds approved Lithium UPS for Zero Carbon cruising at up to 14 knots or as a power booster.
  • Lithium UPS Reserve Power
2 X 1.5 MW Siemens electric motors powering 2 retractable Anerson surface drives for speeds up to 53 knots.
  • Propulsion Drives
2 Rolls Royce 1.5 MW Waterjets in each of Ocean Supremacy's wave piercing hi-speed displacement hulls. Each can be driven by the parallel MTU/ZF hybrid motors utilizing the 2 MW Lithium UPS and or the 1 MW Tier 4i MTU Gensets
The 2 Retractable Anerson Surface drives located in the demi-hull can be driven by the Siemens motors powered by the 2 x V16 Tier 4i MTU Gensets and or the 2 MW UPS.
It is more than twice as fast as most Superyachts yet consumes half as much fuel and produces less than half as much GHG emissions by employing a diversity of renewable power sources.
Ocean Supremacy can save on average 4,000 tons of CO2 per year. Plugged in to shore power she is capable of feeding 200+Mwh's of electricity to the grid, enough energy to offset an annual Carbon Neutral Cruising Range of 3,600 nm at 18knots.
For more attend Electric Vehicles Land Sea Air USA 2012,where Phoenix International - A John Deere Company (leader in agricultural vehicles), BMW (cars etc), Mitsubishi Motors (small commercial vehicles and cars), Daimler AG (commercial and military vehicles and cars) and Toyota (leader in electric forklifts, cars, buses) will present. Uniquely, a large number of electric vehicle manufacturers not seen in conventional EV events will present including WheelTug airliner electrification on the ground, Pipistrel manned electric aircraft, and SolTrac electric farm tractors. Many manufacturers of industrial, commercial, military, e-bike, cars and other EVs will be there. At last you can meet those responsible for the majority of the hybrid and pure electric vehicle market and they all need components!! Most are prosperous growing businesses not reliant on government support that can be withdrawn at any time.
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