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New steel materials help maximise motor output and boost battery range

ArcelorMittal the world's largest steel and mining company unveiled 'iCARe' electrical steel product range for EVs. As part of its strategy for this market, ArcelorMittal has also committed over €90m investment in its production facility in France.
These material innovations will help carmakers deliver lower CO2 emissions and improve fuel consumption for hybrid vehicles, while contributing to a longer range of pure electric vehicles and a lower total cost of electrification. The iCARe will also deliver increased power density from electric motors, helping to reduce the size and weight of low-emission vehicles via enhanced energy-efficiency.
Greg Ludkovsky, vice president - global research and development, ArcelorMittal said, "In 2011 alone, we invested $306m in researching and developing new steel products, solutions and processes to support a low-carbon world, demonstrating the sustainable advantages available through product innovation"
The iCARe Save range offers very low electrical loss, maximising the use of current batteries and allowing electric vehicles to drive further on one charge. iCARe™ Torque products ensure the highest levels of mechanical power output from EV motors, generating improved acceleration and ensuring a more dynamic driving experience.
Finally, iCARe™ Speed steels deliver very high strength, making them ideal for the manufacture of high-speed rotors that allow a further weight reduction of the motor.
As part of the iCARe project, ArcelorMittal has also committed to a €90m investment in the creation of a new continuous annealing line at its production facility at St-Chély d'Apcher, France. Potentially capable of producing up to 120,000 tonnes of iCARe steels per year, this production line will support the development of further breakthrough innovations for the automotive steel sector, helping to meet growing global demand from EV manufacturers.
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