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Price increases for lithium salts

Rockwood Lithium, a division of Rockwood Holdings announced global price increases, as contracts permit, of up to $1,000 per metric tonne for its lithium salts, especially lithium carbonate and lithium hydroxide, effective July 1.
"This price increase helps us fund our numerous investment projects to expand our global production facilities," said Dr. Steffen Haber, President of Rockwood Lithium. "These investments will ensure the long term availability of lithium products for existing and future markets such as for electric vehicles," Haber added.
Rockwood Lithium recently announced plans to invest $140 million in a new lithium carbonate production plant in Chile. In addition the company is completing previously announced expansions of its lithium brine system in Nevada and a new high purity lithium hydroxide plant in North Carolina.
Rockwood Lithium is one of the largest lithium raw material producers. The company is also a worldwide leading provider of special metal compounds based on cesium, barium, or zirconium.
Due to the rapidly expanding markets for lithium-ion batteries, and metal organic chemicals and, in particular owing to the potential for growth in lithium batteries for electric vehicles, Rockwood Lithium will be a strong brand in these markets.
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