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Fuel cell vehicle with 500 mile range

MECc (Modular Energy Carrier concept) has developed a clean, simple and competitive range extender for battery electric vehicles based on bio-methanol fuel cells as energy carrier. ECOmove plan to use the technology in their upcoming electric vehicle QBEAK.
ECOmove has re-thought the e-car concept from scratch and have developed an innovative means of transport setting new standards for design, usability and sustainability. Serenergy's full cell products offer simple and cost-effective air-cooled fuel cell technology with high fuel flexibility and reliable fuel cell operation under extreme temperature conditions.
High market potential through significant customer benefits
The combined concept with fuel cells solution in a battery electric vehicle will bring significant end-user and customer benefits in comparison with existing diesel generators and lead-acid battery solutions:
  • A range of at least 800 km - 4 times longer than the average electric vehicle.
  • A refueling time of less than 3 minutes - similar to gasoline cars today.
  • Possibility to utilise the existing Energy infrastructure and distribution system - enabling a low cost introduction and an overall cost effective fuel economy.
  • Highly valuable waste heat for cabin heating/cooling with a combined efficiency above 80 %.
  • A longer lifetime of the batteries due to a more stable State Of Charge (SOC).
The promise from ECOmove is that QBEAK will be one of the most affordable, individual, flexible, sustainable and easy to drive and park EVs on the market - all this without compromising safety or reliability.
The companies behind the MECc project include ECOmove, Serenergy, Insero E-Mobility, Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Program EDDP.
In the first round of applications 21 new energy technology projects, including MECc, and 8 international cooperation projects will be financed with a total of 150 million DKK.
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