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Unique, lightweight power source for unmanned systems

Unmanned aerial systems are one of the most important and growing areas of military technology. For small tactical unmanned systems near-term challenges include increased range, endurance, interoperability, reliability and plug-and-play payload modularity.
L2 Aerospace and Cella are developing plug and play hydrogen power solutions that use lightweight flexible polymer packaging that can be carried by dismounted soldiers or packaged into unmanned aerial vehicles UAV's. This significantly extends range and/or operating time.
"Unmanned systems are an important and fast growing area, and it is vital that they operate reliably for the maximum time possible", said Stephen Voller, CEO of Cella Energy. "The initial goal of the L2 system is to provide a 3x the duration of lithium-ion (li-ion) batteries."
Cella Energy's materials use nano-structuring to safely encapsulate hydrogen at ambient temperatures and pressures. The hydrogen is uniquely packaged in small cartridges that can be fitted into available space within unmanned systems.
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