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300 miles range on zinc?

Eos Energy Storage has developed a proprietary rechargeable zinc-air battery technology with six hours of storage that it says can be sold for $1000/kW and $160/kWh. Fully rechargeable for over 10,000 cycles (30 years) with intensive use and full or partial discharge, the battery is safe, stable, non-combustible, non-site constrained, and made from low cost, easy-to-source materials.
Eos' grid-scale batteries open up innovative value propositions across the entire electric supply chain. Batteries can replace gas-fired turbines to provide peaking capacity, frequency regulation and other services to the electricity grid. Energy storage can defer or eliminate costly transmission and distribution upgrades. When installed behind the meter, these industrial-size batteries can reduce customer facility costs and improve power quality and reliability. Finally, in automotive applications, a 70kWh Eos battery could provide a >300-mile range for an electric vehicle that could be produced for the same cost as an internal combustion engine vehicle - or so it believes.
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