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Chemical companies position for EV battery boom - Part 1 BASF

BASF and Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation have signed a royalty-bearing licensing agreement, granting BASF usage rights for vinylene carbonate based on Mitsubishi Chemical's proprietary patents. Vinylene carbonate is a key ingredient in BASF's electrolyte formulations, which are used by cell manufacturers in the production of lithium-ion batteries.
Additionally, the agreement provides BASF with the right to grant sub-licenses to cell manufacturers that use electrolyte formulations made by BASF or Mitsubishi Chemical.
The agreement constitutes the successful transfer of a licensing arrangement previously established between Mitsubishi Chemical and the electrolytes business of German chemical and pharmaceutical company Merck. BASF recently acquired Merck's electrolyte activities, which are now part of BASF's global battery materials business.
Electrolytes are complex formulations that ensure the transport of the electric charge inside the battery. High-quality electrolytes can provide essential prerequisites for raising battery performance. Vinylene carbonate is an important performance additive that ensures the efficient long-term stability of lithium-ion battery cells.
Innovative materials and functional components are prerequisites for safe, efficient and affordable electromobility. Together with partners in industry and science, BASF is developing materials and technologies for today's and next generation lithium-ion batteries, as well as future battery systems.
"The license granted to BASF is one of our strategic achievements leveraging our intellectual property," said Mr. Yoshitaka Araki, General Manager of Mitsubishi Chemical's Battery Materials Department. "Mitsubishi Chemical has granted the vinylene carbonate license to some valued customers who wish to achieve critical battery performance.''
Mitsubishi Chemical has more than 20 years of experience in the formulated electrolyte business since the inception of the lithium-ion battery industry. Mitsubishi Chemical has established manufacturing sites for formulated electrolytes in North America, Europe and China, where the growth of automotive applications is anticipated.
Source: BASF
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