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SORL launches new electric air compressors for electric buses

In a bid to support China's Zhejiang state initiative to reduce emissions and drive the shift to more environmentally friendly new energy vehicles, SORL Auto Parts has launched a new generation of electric air brake compressors to be used in electric buses.
Air brake compressors used in traditional vehicles are powered by an internal combustion engine. SORL's new generation of electric air brake compressors are powered by an electric motor, thereby increasing fuel conservation and reducing pollution. The new compressors have an extended life span as it is far easier to make them start or stop working. An electric air compressor is a necessity for all electric buses with an air brake system.
The new compressors have completed all quality and performance tests and are currently being evaluated by the major electric bus manufacturers.
The State Council issued the "energy-saving and new energy automotive industry development plan (2012-2020)" directive identifying that pure electric drive is the main strategic orientation of new energy vehicles. SORL's mission is to help industrialize pure electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, promote and popularize non-plug-in hybrid vehicles, and enhance energy-saving combustion engine vehicles, to increase the overall technological level of China's automotive industry.
According to the plan, by 2015, the cumulative production and sales of pure electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles will reach 500,000 units. By 2020, the production capacity of pure electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles will reach 2 million units, while cumulative production and sales are expected to exceed 5 million units. Development of battery-powered and hydrogen-powered technologies will increase with the growing acceptance of new-energy vehicles globally.
SORL is the market leader for commercial vehicles brake system, such as trucks and buses in China. The Company distributes products both within China and internationally under the SORL trademark.
Source: PR Newswire
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