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The latest battery technology is featured in the Lightning

The Lightning GT is a British two seater, built on a unique chassis specifically to be a world leading 100% electric GT and platform for future models. The car is being created and hand built by a British team of leading automotive engineers, designers and technology experts. CEO and main investor Iain Sanderson tells us that they use the "much more expensive" Altairnano lithium-ion batteries with lithium titanate anodes that permit fast charge-discharge and, they believe - 30 year life, though we are not convinced of the latter. Permanent magnet synchronous motors, cost of rare earths presumably not being an issue because these cars will be sold for £180,000 each, the price level of various conventional designer cars.
The Lightning mission is simple, to give owners all they seek in a sports car, yet emission free at point of use. This will reflect their owner's desire to enjoy high performance without the conscience that conventional high CO2 motoring can bring. This is particularly important in congested regions where high CO2 emissions are recognised as detrimental to air quality.
The Lightning is a high technology car, positively bristling with innovation, advanced software and specialist engineering. The chassis is a unique honeycomb aluminium structure in which the battery packs integrate to create very high levels of tortional and beam stiffness. This aids the pursuit of exceptional ride and handling and an electronic differential ensures optimum traction throughout the performance range. The bodywork is constructed in lightweight advanced carbon fibre and the power train is a British built twin motor unit with over 400Hp equivalent and extreme levels of torque. An electronic differential ensures optimum traction throughout the performance range.
The latest battery technology is featured in the Lightning. Advanced Lithium Ion Titanate cells are integrated into specialist packs and then linked in series to give a high continuous output. The technology enables them to accept a very high level of current or extremely fast recharge in as little as 10 minutes. Their operating temperature range is as low as -40oC and high as +55oC. The anode nano technology titanate coating also reduces heat build up resulting in very long battery life of over 1000 cycles with minimal degradation.
The performance intent of the Lightning is impressive with the 0-60mph dash in under 4.5 seconds, dramatic mid range torque and a top speed limited to 130mph. The fast recharge battery technology coupled with a "usable" range of over 150 miles in standard specification promises the GT class leading figures. A unique "range protector" is in development, this intended to negate range anxiety. The Lightning Car Company is going into production of customer vehicles in 2013 with an exclusive run of just twenty GTs. These will be available in a wide variety of colours and specifications, all to be announced this Autumn 2012. To make a further 100 or more will require about £24 million, we understand.
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