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KAR GT prototype delivers range of 150 miles per charge

KleenSpeed Technologies is set to reveal the "most intelligent car ever conceived" - the KleenSpeed World KAR GT prototype - on Wednesday November 21 in San Francisco.
The KleenSpeed KAR is the result of over 4 years of intensive R&D development and innovation in Energy Storage and Battery Management. Featuring the KleenSpeed GenESSys™ 40 kWh "Smart" battery, the KAR delivers real world range of up to 150 miles per charge with exceptional performance.
The KAR's stylish body offers space for 2 passengers and useful cargo capacity to meet the needs of 90% of the world's car owners in the most efficient package possible.
The company expects to mass produce and sell the vehicle at a price of only $9,995 MSRP with a separate, very affordable, lease of the GenESSsys™ 40 Battery Pack - making the KAR the least expensive and best performing EV in the marketplace.
On 11 May 2011 we wrote "Goodbye 100 miles range". We said that, "150 miles range is the new benchmark for affordable range-sensitive electric vehicles: the 100 miles range of today's pure electric vehicles will quickly become an embarrassment. That is particularly true of EVs for on-road and off-road outdoor use and pure electric aircraft.
This new achievement comes from a host of minor improvements. They include improved vehicle electrical efficiency and aerodynamics, pancake batteries with simpler cooling requirements, lighter weight motors, cheap labour and automation enabling more powerful batteries to be viable. Then there is better aerodynamics and body weight reduction, sometimes by use of carbon fibre and other structural composites. Not all these benefits apply to any one vehicle however - there is scope to cross fertilise best practice, creating even greater improvements.
The new 150 mile norm predates the expected improvement of lithium-ion battery energy density of a factor of three over the next decade, giving a threefold range improvement." and the article then gave several examples of the new 150 mile range achievement.
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