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Global sales agreement between Kleenspeed Technologies and Leo Motors

KleenSpeed Technologies and Leo Motors announce a global sales agreement to jointly represent and sell their products and services.
The Sales Agent Agreement was signed on January 15, 2013 by Timothy Collins CEO & President of KleenSpeed Technologies, Inc. and John Lee CEO & Chairman of Leo Motors at the Leo Motors HQ near Seoul Korea. KleenSpeed will focus on the Americas and Leo Motors will cover Asian markets.
Both KleenSpeed and Leo Motors have proprietary technology and unique products in the energy storage, battery management and EV technology segments and complementary product lines. The Sales Agreement will help both companies open global markets by offering customers a broader range of stationary energy storage solutions, battery management systems and electric vehicle components and systems.
Key industries for the application of products and technology are: Solar, Wind, Marine, Aircraft, Telecom, Electric Vehicle, Military, Commercial and Industrial.
"We are very excited to partner with Leo Motors and anticipate the synergy of our technologies and products will broaden our access to global markets and significantly increase revenue and sales for KleenSpeed in 2013. We feel the Leo E-Box technology - with a complete system in one package - is very attractive for solar, wind and UPS (uninterruptible power solutions)."
IDTechEx notes that Kleenspeed started as a pure electric car developer and it made several vehicles, the latest of which, a two seater small car, is being offered for license. However, Kleenspeed now sees a bigger and more immediate opportunity in battery packs where it makes the Battery Management System BMS but not the cells.
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