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GM to produce next-generation electric car in South Korea

General Motors will produce its next-generation electric cars in South Korea, the head of its South Korean unit told Reuters on Thursday.
Sergio Rocha, CEO of GM Korea, gave no time frame for the launch of the new vehicles, but said they would be slightly bigger than the Spark small car and uses a thoroughly new design, unlike the Spark EV which was based on an existing gasoline engine model.
GM will continue working with South Korea's LG Chem Ltd to supply batteries for its second generation of electric vehicles, which will be produced at GM's plant in Bupyeong, near Seoul, he added.
GM Chief Executive Dan Akerson said early this month that the U.S. automaker was developing new EVs, including one with a 100-mile range and another with a 200-mile range.
GM Korea started production of its current generation of Spark EVs in Korea this month for export to the U.S. market and plans to begin selling it in South Korea and Europe in the second half of the year.
LG Chem makes the lithium-ion batteries for GM's electric vehicles, which are produced in Korea and the United States.
Source: Reuters
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