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Less than one week to IDTechEx' Energy Harvesting & Storage Europe

Next week Energy Harvesting & Storage and WSN & RTLS Europe will open at the ICC Berlin, Germany on April 17-18 ( The events are co-located with Printed Electronics Europe, Graphene LIVE! and Supercapacitors Europe - with over 1,400 people already pre-registered.
The conference and tradeshow covers the broad range of emerging energy harvesting and storage solutions and all their applications, including wireless sensors, supercapacitors, photovoltaics, the Internet of Things, enabling materials such as graphene and much more - with presentations, exhibitors and attendees covering the full supply chain.

Meet and learn from end users

Keynote presentations include companies such as the giant electrical and electronic integrator GE, oil and gas companies Shell and Total, systems integrator ABB, leading aircraft manufacturer Boeing, consumer electronics and healthcare company Philips; and many more.
Attendees to this event will learn:
  • Who needs energy harvesting, the ROI and sectors close to adoption.
  • All the technology options - from energy harvester choices, energy storage options, through to the latest in low power electronics and wireless sensors and related technologies such as thin film harvesters and supercapacitors.
  • The current state of the technology at the event tradeshow.
Attendees have access to all conference sessions and areas of the tradeshow - which bring together all these emerging interrelated technologies in one place. For more details and to register, see

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