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Honda and GM to jointly develop next generation fuel cells

Honda and GM have initiated a long-term technology partnership to develop a next generation fuel cell system and hydrogen storage technologies targeting the 2020 timeframe.
Both companies have extensive and complimentary expertise in fuel cell technologies with more patents in this area than any other automaker. They plan to openly share this intellectual property with one another to achieve the world's strongest partnership in fuel cell technology.
Ten years ago, the Honda FCX became America's first fuel cell electric vehicle available to individual customers. The Honda FCX Clarity fuel cell electric sedan debuted in 2008 and was named World Green Car in 2009. The company are developing a successor to FCX Clarity which they plan to launch in 2015, with the concept model debuting later this year. GM's fuel cell technology may be used in the vehicles.
Honda said in a recent statement, "Fuel cell electric vehicles have the unique potential to meet the future transportation needs of our customers and society. But to realize the widespread use of future fuel cell vehicles is a big challenge that requires a significant advance in cost reduction and in the refuelling infrastructure that will support them. In each area, we believe that two companies can do more together than the simple sum of our individual efforts."
"We believe this new strategic partnership between Honda and GM, two long-term leaders in fuel cell technology, has the great potential to help us do just that."
Source: Honda
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