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KleenSpeed Technologies Inc collaborate with ORACLE Team USA

KleenSpeed Technologies Inc. was given a chance to collaborate with ORACLE TEAM USA and jointly developed the high performance lithium-ion batteries used to power the onboard electronics on the AC72 Race Boats, and the ORACLE TEAM USA Chase Boats.
ORACLE TEAM USA Electronics Team Manager Richard Kent and his team supplied the specifications and together with the KleenSpeed Team led by Laura F. Reyes EVP Global Business Development & Strategic Partnerships; Dr. Edward Lam CTO, Hugues Marceau Engineer, and Pierre Hinse of EV Fern, developed the winning KleenSpeed GenESSys Marine lithium-ion battery technology that powered the boats instrumentation through 11 races. Timothy Collins the CEO of KleenSpeed stated that, "As a Global provider of Lithium-Ion solutions with electric racing wins, KleenSpeed understands the need for high performance, and reliability; we knew that we could produce the right solution."
KleenSpeed Technologies Inc. is a lithium-ion solutions provider located at the NASA Ames Research Park in Moffett Field CA, with experience in developing high speed and high performance electric race cars, electric vehicles and Lithium-Ion Energy solutions.
ORACLE TEAM USA was founded on Aug. 11, 2000, by Oracle Corp CEO Larry Ellison. Led by CEO Russell Coutts and skipper James Spithill, ORACLE TEAM USA is comprised of the best international sailing, design, build and support talent and successfully defended the trophy on San Francisco Bay in September 2013.
Source: KleenSpeed Technologies Inc
Top image: ORACLE Team USA
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