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When the efficiency matters

The electric drive systems for buses are in a key position as cities target on reducing emissions and fuel consumption of public transportation. These systems can be used both in hybrid as well as zero-emission bus designs. The highest difference in the solutions is the energy efficiency. It is exactly where the Finnish electric drivetrain specialist VISEDO excels over the other solutions on the market.
With the self-developed latest technology components and the advanced powertrain control software, the complete system achieves 90% efficiency throughout the real usage cycle of a city bus. Whether looking at consumption figures from the hybrid bus Businova from the French Safra or the zero-emission ebus from the Finnish VTT, both using VISEDO systems, the consumption figures speak for themselves. The Safra hybrid designed for 90 people uses only 15l of diesel per 100km, and the VTT ebus finished as number one in a consumption comparison in Helsinki, Finland.
The comparison in Helsinki was organized by a major bus fleet operator Veolia, and it included several European and Chinese 12m electric buses. Thanks to the high efficiency VISEDO drivetrain, the VTT ebus achieved as low as 0.7kWh/km energy consumption (including air-conditioning and heating) which compared to a typical EV design of 1.1-1.3kWh/km shows really the difference that can be achieved when choosing the correct solution. Shockingly in figures this means ~40% less battery needed for same distance.
Source and top image: Visedo
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