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National network of solar EV charging stations in Jordan

A consortium led by Chicago-based lithium battery manufacturer AllCell Technologies, LLC signed a Letter of Commitment with the government of Jordan to begin the deployment phase of a network of solar powered electric vehicles charging stations across Jordan.
The AllCell consortium includes Hyseo International, a leading solar developer in Europe and DBT, a French company that pioneered EV charging and a major supplier of EV charging systems in Europe.
Jordan's Minister of the Environment Dr. Taher Shakhshir represented the Prime Minster of Jordan at the signing event, with the presence of Mayor of Amman Aqel Biltaji and KHBP Chairman Dr. Moayad Samman. Al Shakhshir stated that "the Jordan Solar EV Project will contribute to addressing issues related to reducing the fiscal deficit in the government of Jordan Treasury on one hand, and mitigating carbon dioxide emissions and preserving the environment." Mayor Biltaji stressed the importance of this project in Amman's effort to green its fleet. The mayor announced that the municipality will immediately issue a request for buying fifty electric vehicles to replace some of the aging conventional vehicles.
Jordan's government has announced an initiative to incentivize electric vehicle adoption by eliminating tariffs on import of zero-emission vehicles and developing EV charging infrastructure. In 2011, the AllCell Consortium signed a memorandum of understanding with the government of Jordan and installed an off-grid solar powered EV charging station for testing purposes. Following positive results, the decision has been made as part of this agreement to establish 11 more stations in Amman and eventually expand to the rest of the country.
AllCell's CEO, Said Al-Hallaj commented, "This is a great step in our effort to launch the deployment phase of a network of 3,000 EV charging stations backed by 30MWp solar PV systems".
Jordan is ideally suited to adopt electric vehicles as it imports 97% of its energy, but has abundant solar resources. This program is part of a larger government initiative to increase the presence of solar energy and reduce reliance upon imported energy.
Source: AllCell Technologies
Top image of Amman: Wikipedia
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