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The first electric highway in Australia

The use spread of electric vehicles in Australia has traditionally faced a big challenge: the concern about the vehicle autonomy. In a country where there are large distances to travel, the lack of public quick chargers is a problem to be solved.
The Royal Automobile Club of Western Australia (RAC), which has always bet on the most innovative ways of transport, saw this problem and decided to impulse the electric vehicle through the first "Electric Highway" in the country. This highway enables drivers to travel the 310 km between Perth and Augusta, in the south-west area of the country, without suffering for its autonomy. This is possible because since June there are 12 ultra quick publicly accessible charging stations manufactured by Circontrol and spread all along the route. These ultra quick charging stations are compatible with the three existing models (TRIO) using AC and CC combining the charge through CHAdeMo (CC 50kW), Combo 2 (CC 50kW) and AC 43 kW.
This ground-breaking Project has been promoted by RAC and has gained the support of seven city councils in West Australia that have turned to charging operators. They have also financed the 12 charging stations between Perth and Augusta, a stretch where, before the initiative, there was just one charging station. These charging stations, manufactured by Circontrol, will be free to use until the end of 2015.
The goal of the project goes beyond making it easer for the drivers to charge their electric vehicles. With these innovative charging stations installed on the public roads they intend to promote the electric vehicle and attract the interest of users to this sustainable and environmentally respectful means of transportation.
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Circontrol is a manufacturer company leader in its sector, with over 20.000 charging stations for electric vehicles working all over the world and more than 400 par carks managed using its efficient solutions for car parks.
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