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KleenSpeed Technologies Inc seeks partners

The following information has just been issued by the company to IDTechEx:
KleenSpeed believes that the electric vehicle is an "appliance" like a notebook computer or a cell phone to be charged, used and charged again. We have concentrated our R&D on the understanding and efficiency of the electric power system and component platform. The energy storage system, electric motor drive and processing system must be integrated elegantly into an aerodynamic ergonomic carrying case - the four wheels and a passenger capsule. KleenSpeed has emerged as an electric vehicle industry systems leader with our EV-X11 Lemans type Sport Racer setting records and winning events on the race track, traveling 30,000 miles in our Eiata with no maintenance, developing our World KAR and filing five comprehensive patents in 2011 and 2012 derived from our engineering capability.
The fact that the world is an electric vehicle frontier means that automobile industry will be reconstituted with many new electric vehicle companies such as Kleenspeed. The auto industry, saddled with their legacy gasoline-powered platforms, will grapple with the limit of fuel economy while creating new engineering and R&D groups to move their hybrid cars to electric cars. KleenSpeed, unencumbered by legacy technology and internal combustion, has exploited the open playing field to develop EV systems; technology platforms and an EV business strategy based on high performance and the next Volkswagen Bug - the KleenSpeed World KAR. KleenSpeed has positioned itself to have a significant effect on the proliferation of the electric vehicle.

Company background

In 2007 Kleenspeed Technologies and Founder Timothy Collins was sparked by the belief that the electric vehicle would replace the gasoline vehicle in the 21st century. The benefit is eliminating carbon emissions from automobiles and the conversion of electrical grids in the world to "Smart Grids". We believe the acceptance and purchase of EVs will be driven by increasing mile per gallon standards established by each country to lower and eventually eliminate noxious carbon emissions. The increases in energy density and manufacturing efficiency have contributed to the reducing costs of the lithium ion power source. KleenSpeed leaders assembled a crack, youthful, unencumbered technical team. KleenSpeed created technology platforms utilizing racing cars, sports cars and Go karts to stress test and perfect our EV systems technology. The unique engineered system was elegantly integrated into a vehicle. The result is four consecutive years of victories and new electric lap records on the racetrack by our EV-X11-- giving KleenSpeed an exciting international reputation of excellence. KleenSpeed moved into the NASA Ames Research Park in Silicon Valley in 2008 - an atmosphere to create the next mode of transportation and power.

Value proposition

The KleenSpeed obsession with systems expertise allows the vehicle to travel more miles per charge, maintenance free and eliminating any anxiety the driver may have about the range of the vehicle. Kleenspeed has designed and implemented an electric platform that is scalable and can be installed in any vehicle. Kleenspeed will offer the platform to the industry but will also integrate it into mass produced cars that are manufactured in Asia by a partner of KleenSpeed in this effort. The KleenSpeed business plan contains breakthrough thinking such as the platform, the heating and cooling of the battery modules the final assembly of cells in the US or country of use, the leasing of the battery and subsequent amalgamation of the off leased cells into standby power for computer centers and the reinvention of the all of the system components to create less weight, less volume, 24/7 connectivity and more distance per kilowatt of energy.
The disruptive thinking of KleenSpeed coupled with a substantial financial partner could catapult our World KAR concept into the production and sale of 1 million Electric vehicles in five years.
We value our patents, our vision, our KARs, our accomplishments and our technology and engineering at tem million dollars.


KleenSpeed power systems have set lap records and defeated all competitors for 4 years, in 2009 -2012, earning four overall trophies for our EV-X11 race Car and an overall trophy for converted production cars for our Eiata in 2011. KleenSpeed employees and advisers from industry have leveraged our capital expenditures, which exceed $2 Million not including the equity incentivized payments to our engineering and development team. We have filed five technical patents, one of which has been granted and two which were expanded to five patents thus giving us seven pending patent. We see the future of the EV industry and have developed strategies including our Electric System Platform strategy that will make electric vehicles as attractive in price and performance as existing gasoline cars. Our capitalized plan allow us to reach annual unit production and sales in the 10's of thousands without a billion dollars of basic industry manufacturing capital while providing more than 51% of value added in the US to the vehicle from our platform creating thousands of American jobs.


The EV is an automotive frontier and screams for disruptive technology. Unencumbered by legacy technology, Kleenspeed engineers have used the most advanced technology. Our group, aided by outside advisers, created a roadmap for our own component development which our integrated platform, electric storage solution and battery management system development has led to our initial patent five filings, our technology platform designs and our vision and philosophy surrounding the future best selling electric vehicle.


Our test vehicles can all be reproduced. We sold a hub wheel electric power system to a multinational company. We provided the lithium Battery packs to the Oracle USA race Boats and chase boats when they won eight straight races and the Americas Cup in San Francisco. All of our products attract OEM attention. Our vision in the form of a 2/2 electric vehicle enters the EV market with a car that, "When you see it you will want it" and "If you drive it you will buy it for under $10,000". This vision was confirmed when we unveiled the "World KAR at the San Francisco Auto Show in 2012 and could have taken deposits on 25 cars during the show. You will lease a battery for far less than your current monthly gasoline and maintenance expense. Our lithium storage device has a 10 year warranty and will travel more than 160 miles on a charge.

Stationary power market

In 2013 we pivoted to the stationary power market and are currently selling Solar or conventionally charged lithium storage systems for emergency power or just to "Give light to those in the dark." Our systems are scaled from .4 kWh to to 6.5 KWh and include a complete plug and play solution with LED lighting, solar panels, USB port and 110 volt plugs.

For more

In order to brighten your day and confirm the future of the Electric vehicle in your mind please visit our Website Please visit YouTube / KleenSpeed to view the 30+ videos that chronicle our seven years of accomplishments.
Please address comments and questions to Laura F. Reyes CEO or Timothy Collins Founder/ President
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