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Electric wheelchair climbs up and down stairs

The TopChair-S is an electric wheelchair that can climb up and down stairs developed by a company in France. It allows disabled people to travel long distances effortlessly and comfortably.
According to the creators, Topchair-S allows you to be mobile, especially in urban areas, by making previously inaccessible areas accessible without any outside assistance. This electric wheelchair is equipped with tracks that can climb straight staircases, pavements or doorsteps in total safety. The chair ascends stairs in reverse and descends face-forward, all while keeping the chair at a level horizontal angle.
It has the following features:
  • Control of the staircase pitch
  • The seat remains permanently horizontal
  • Limited maximum speed
  • Wheelchair alignment correction in line with the staircase axis
  • Automatic detection of the start and end of the stairs
  • Dynamic display messages with visualisation of operations
  • Straight staircases (in wood, metal, cement...) with steps up to 20cm in height
  • Maximum pitch up to 33° (65%)
  • 300 step autonomy
The TopChair-S has flexible and responsive steering thanks to the adjustable R-Net joystick and LCD screen and has customisable feature such as seats, LED lighting indicators, leg rests, arm rests, joystick options and control positions.
With regards to battery life, the two 60Ah gel batteries offer a battery life between 35 to 45 km with a speed of up to 10km/hr.
The motor for the track consists of two 400-watt motors and for the wheels, two 350-watt motors.
Source and images: TopChair
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