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A new look on urban electro-mobility

The KURT will be exhibited at the IDTechEx Show! in Berlin April 27-28. Manufacturer Altreonic will also give a presentation entitled "KURT E-Vehicle For Enabling Urban Mobility: Versatile, Scalable And Cost-Efficient" at Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing at this event.
The call for a sustainable city, quiet, clean and spacious, is increasingly gaining momentum. Electric mobility makes that possible. The use of compact and silent vehicles opens up space for the pedestrian and cyclist. The only issue is its affordability, as electric vehicles are not produced yet in large numbers. Altreonic, a technological SME from Flanders, has developed a solution. It offers a large and flexible variety of electric vehicles, named KURT. Based on a patented design for a modular and scalable vehicle, Altreonic is able to meet the needs of any applications.
Electric propulsions are compact by definition. Therefore, it does not make sense to integrate electric engines in traditional designs without changing the design itself. That is why Altreonic's KURT vehicle was reinvented from scratch. The KURT vehicle is equipped with wheels that all have their own engine. As a result, there is more space for the batteries and propulsion that are compactly stored in the supporting structure. Most of the weight is situated in the vehicle's body, a low and flat platform. Each wheel can be controlled separately, which creates much more possibilities than currently exist with traditional internal combustion engines. The structure of KURT is not only modular but also scalable. The superstructure can be specifically adapted to a wide array of applications.
By restructuring the different modules, KURT can be adapted to be a very small vehicle or a large vehicle, regardless whether for transport of passengers or goods. Altreonic identified a demand for transport of visitors in hospitals, transport of babies in a school environment, waste transport, transport of parcels and tractors for logistical purposes. The propulsion modules are standardised, which keeps production costs low. Meanwhile, the robust superstructure provides robustness and functionality. The low total weight of the aluminum vehicle enables it to carry heavy cargo and to reach a long driving range. The sensors of each vehicle can be remotely monitored while each KURT can be remotely controlled using a smartphone or tablet.
Electric driving in the city with compact vehicles increases urban mobility without increasing the burden upon the city. KURT is adapted to urban needs without the accompanying price of a heavy roadrunner. Altreonic has developed a straightforward architecture for a flexible and affordable electric vehicle. It fits in a wide array of functions. The technology is also available under an open technology license.
Source and images: Altreonic
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