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Xiaomi Mi Drone is more affordable

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi has announced its first drone, the Mi Drone quadcopter, and the cost is significantly less than DJI's phantom series which also has a camera dangling beneath it.
Xiaomi claimed the dual-joystick controller will work at up to 2 km away from the drone using the user's smartphone as a viewfinder, while the 1080p version has a range of 1 km. Mi Drone can remain airborne for almost half an hour. The drone's camera uses a Sony 12.4-megapixel sensor that can capture video and take RAW photos and is aimed at buyers who want take aerial photographs and videos. Its detachable gimbal corrects itself 2,000 times per second and is assisted by an optical flow sensor for clearer video.
The modular design of Mi Drone allows the gimbal and camera to be detached for easy storage in an optional backpack.
Mi Drone will begin trials in July. The Mi Drone with a 1080p high-definition camera with a 1km range will sell for around for 2,499 yuan, and a version with a higher-resolution 4K camera and 2km range will sell for approximately for 2,999 yuan. In comparison DJI sells a similar drone named the Phantom 3 4K with a range of 1.2km for 4,999 yuan.
Source and top image: MI
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