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Electric Vehicles: Everything Is Changing - Discussing The Key Trends

IDTechEx's Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing 2018 will bring together the leaders of the emerging electric vehicle sectors of the future. Whilst electric cars are an important area for electrification, passenger vehicles are not the only segment that is becoming electrified. Many key players are diversifying their market segments beyond electric cars. Examples of this include the market leader BYD, who offers not only electric cars but electric buses and is now developing electric surface mining trucks. Tesla is also following this strategy by launching an electric logistics truck. On the other hand we see important trends in the electric vehicle-energy storage sector, such as the reuse of batteries from electric vehicles in what is now referred to as second life.
IDTechEx's Electric Vehicles Everything is Changing 2018 will take place on November 14 & 15 in Santa Clara California. At this event we will discuss these trends and also bring together the key players in the diversification of electric vehicles.
We will have BYD and Proterra, two leading players in the Chinese and American electric bus markets, respectively, who will be speaking about their developments of electric buses. Thor Trucks will discuss their recent joint venture with UPS to electrify their delivery vehicles and also about their ET-One which will be competing head to head with Tesla's Semi trucks.
But heavy-duty vehicles is not the only segment undergoing a transformation. At the other end of the spectrum, we will discuss the electrification of light-duty vehicles, such as two-wheelers with the presence of Alta Motors: an eight year old electric motorcycle start-up that has attracted investment from U.S. motorcycling icon Harley Davidson, and is looking to expand internationally into high volume bike categories (< 200cc).
The Autonomous and Connected Vehicles session brings together a number of key players developing enabling technologies, from leading LIDAR manufacturers Velodyne, Quanergy and Ouster. Mentor, a Siemens business will also discuss the electrification factors to consider in the integration of vehicle autonomy with electrification.
IDTechEx is pleased to open the first forum on Battery Second Life. In the future, we will see GWh-scale of available storage capacity from second-life batteries which were used in electric vehicles. By 2029 the available second-life battery capacity will hit 108GWh - what can we do with the huge amount of used batteries? Second-life could be the answer. Those spent batteries, although somewhat degraded, could still be further utilised in less-demanding applications such as stationary energy storage. Major EV manufacturers have been working with energy as well as technology companies to repurpose those spent batteries in various second-life applications. In our Second-life Battery session we will have OEMs (CONNEXX System) as well as technologies companies (FreeWire Technologies and Dukosi) to share their insights and experience of their second-life battery business.
Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing 2018 takes place on November 14 & 15 in Santa Clara. Here we reveal the latest advances and newest roadmaps in this radically changing industry. IDTechEx balance the presentations from the giants with new faces revealing important breakthroughs. We find the companies and researchers that break the mould. Register by August 24 for a 25% attendee discount.

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Posted on: August 22, 2018

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