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Learn about the route to success in the unforgiving EV battleground

Plug-in electric cars are forecast by IDTechEx to sell over 25 million units per year in 2029 making up around 30% of total sales by that point. However, electrification does not stop at cars; buses, trucks, construction, mining, two-wheelers, boats, aircraft, and more are all progressing towards electric drive. This combined market shift makes the technologies enabling this transformation a key battleground with plenty to win and lose.
Certain underlying technologies persist across all the categories undergoing electrification, most notably these include energy storage solutions (Li-ion batteries, post-Li-ion batteries and supercapacitors), motors, thermal management and power electronics. Across the supply chain, from raw materials to integrators and OEMs, there is turbulence and players scramble for the best solution. Many players traditionally in this supply chain for the internal combustion engine need to re-invent themselves and many nascent players recognise the once in a generation opportunity on offer.
A new forum will be held from June 10-12 in Novi, Michigan USA, giving expert analysis on the electric vehicle and energy storage technologies, their commercial status, and market outlook. There will be six 2.5 hour sessions, that can be attended individually, they are outlined below and see the website for more information:
"Escape from Peak Car - The Next Wave of Electric Vehicles" - The electric car market is at the start of an explosive stage of growth, but at the same time we are rapidly heading towards a situation where car sales begin to decline. Companies are eagerly seeking profitable transport markets away from the imminent vicious car shakeout. This session gives market outlooks on all categories and highlights the real winners and losers.
"Electric Vehicle Roadmap for China and India" - Not only is the technology shifting but so is the geographical superiority for these industries. In this session, the expert analysts look at these key markets and the industries they are rapidly disrupting.
"Smart Materials Roadmap: Massless Energy, Smart Glass & Beyond" - Structural electronics is replacing components-in-a-box and many planned EVs by land, water and air are impossible without it. This session looks beyond traditional components to the wider opportunities that smart materials provide.
"Energy Harvesting for Wireless Electronics & Energy Independent Electric Vehicles (EIEV)" - Highly efficient energy harvesting provides numerous immediate benefits as well as a route to a true end-goal off grid independence. This session explores the latest from energy harvesting methods and how they are being implemented from low power wireless devices to more significant to much more.
"Electric Vehicle Batteries: What's Now, What's Next, Can They be Eliminated?" - The energy storage solution is often the most discussed given the significance, the cost, and the rate of change. This session will give you the latest on batteries and supercapacitors as well as an outlook to emerging chemistries coming out of the labs and the opportunity to minimise their requirement altogether.
"Motors & Thermal Management: Disruptive Market Success for New E-machines" - The componentry does not stop at batteries and significant developments are being seen across the powertrain. This session will give a deep-dive into the changes in motors and then focus on the significance of competitive thermal management solutions in both battery packs and across the powertrain.
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Posted on: May 20, 2019

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