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7th Annual CAFE Electric Aircraft Symposium: Second day

Day 2 of this event took place on Saturday April 27. The start was less dramatic than the excellent Day 1. Dean Sigler, Editor, CAFE Technology Blog told us to get back to the early days of airports, his title being, "Sustainable, Neighborly Airports". David Calley, PlanetRider substantially repeated the technical lecture he gave the day before on "eMotor Cost, Power, Reliability and Maintenance". Rick Stenberg, Coval CEO, Coval, gave a commercial on quartz coating for infrastructure under "Molecular Nano-Coatings".
Steve Rizzi, NASA Langley, "Auralization of Quiet Aircraft: How They Will Sound" raised the bar with a technical analysis and simulations of jet and propeller planes. This is certainly relevant to the hybrid planes that will proliferate over the coming 15 years. Indeed he simulated a hybrid wing body aircraft and let us hear it going overhead. Periodic and non-periodic instability needs simulating for a realistic result.
Brien Seeley, President CAFE Foundation, gave a very compelling and absorbing take on "The Ultra-Quiet, ESTOL Electric Autonomous Sky Taxi". That means Extremely Short Takeoff and Landing ESTOL. Some of his slides are shown below.
Presentation by Dr Brien Seeley
Tine Tomazic and Gregor Vabel, Pipistrel explained "The 403.5 pMPG Pipistrel Taurus G4, Panthera and Surprises", the latter being first announcement of their VTOL.
Some Pipistrel slides:
Michael Dudley and Thomas Edwards, NASA Aeronautics Research Institute gave an update.
Dan Raymer, Author of Aircraft Design,under "ESTOL with Morphing for High Cruise Speed" described his project carried out for Dr Seeley for presentation at this event. He concluded that morphing in the form of expending wings may indeed be beneficial.
Dan Raymer slide selection:
Randall Fishman, and ElectraFlyer-ULS presented "Electric Ultralight Airplanes, the path to approval for all electric aircraft?" dealing at length with how the battery needs to be counted as fuel. He also described his company's impressive lineup of pure electric craft as shown below. He noted how his folding propeller in sailplanes is better than the earlier folding pylons with a fixed propeller on them. He pointed out that, whereas an electric car can limp slower and slower to get to its destination if running out of charge, a pure electric plane can not.
Some of the Electraflyer slides:
Prof Ilan Kroo, of Zee Aero, showed that formation flying will improve fuel economy of electric aircraft sometimes.

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Posted on: May 2, 2013

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