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Near real time

It is usually uneconomical for RFID to provide real time information all the time. The US Military reports that "Total Asset Visibility provides "near real-time" pictures of asset availability throughout the supply system. For example, if your unit is short of five-ton trucks or fuel pods, managers can find out where these particular assets are located and they can be redirected to the units that need them. The TAV consists of two elements : asset visibility and in-transit visibility. Asset visibility focuses on inventory resources, In-transit visibility focuses on resources moving through the supply pipeline. All DOD organizations can gain access to the same combat service support (CSS) data as the item manager. Automation and communications link vendors and transporters with the Army's support system to provide more responsive support to the tactical units. The TAV is synchronized and compatible with all active and reserve CSS units, providing horizontal and vertical visibility of assets throughout the system. Distribution Management Centers (DMC) at each level can plan and coordinate delivery of assets. The TAV reduces reaction time, produces quicker order ship times for Class IX repair parts, lowers maintenance down time, and leads to higher operational readiness rating in our units".
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