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Hundreds of new electric vehicle technologies revealed

"IDTechEx Show!" on emerging technologies is taking place November 16-17 in Santa Clara California with record attendance and display of electric vehicle technologies of the future. Coverage is exceptionally comprehensive with land, water and airborne electric vehicle technologies in evidence. There are eight parallel conferences, all with technologies relevant to EVs such as energy harvesting and regeneration, internet of things, 3D printing, printed electronics, sensors, e-textiles and specifically the conference "Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing" with presentations by Porsche, Ford, Nissan, Volkswagen and NASA. Equally important are presentations by little known organisations that IDTechEx has identified as very significant in carving out the future of EVs - notably the inclusion of mobile robotics this year.

Lessons from racing and flying

Dr Peter Harrop, Chairman of analysts IDTechEx says, "We heavily support this industry. One way is in allowing significant startups to exhibit and speak free of charge. We have even paid for the latest trans Australia solar racer to be shipped from the Netherlands. This year, a focus is on the lessons from solar cars and aircraft and what electric aircraft, cars and industrial and commercial vehicles will become. For instance Proterra, run by a former Tesla executive, is pushing the boundaries of composites and range extension for its pure electric buses."

Exciting new startups

Among the startups exhibiting are Cooper Gray Robotics which develops electric drive systems and automates the heavy equipment industry through its Smart Control and remote control architecture for machines in construction, mining, agriculture and forestry. Electra Vehicles offer custom solutions based on a hybrid energy storage platform, where different energy storage technologies with complementary characteristics are blended in a high performance low cost system for electric and hybrid vehicles. KersTech's proprietary motors for electric vehicles use up to 45% less electric energy than conventional motors. Their TwinTorq electric-hydraulic motor extends battery range, reduces costs, and increases productivity. KULR Technology's thermal management technology strives to solve the challenge of keeping electronics cooler, lighter, and safer. Shockwave Motors makes a high performance, all-electric roadster. The roadster has up to a 100 mile range and can be recharged from a standard 120-volt outlet in about 8 hours; providing a daily range of up to 200 miles.

Charging but not as we know it

Magi SciTech Inc. produces a graphite structured battery based on nano-technology. Their battery demonstrates fast charging and discharging capabilities suitable for industrial and military applications. MAGMENT magnetizable concretes are based on a cement matrix loaded with magnetizable particles. They can reach high permeabilities opening up a broad range of electromagnetic applications including wireless power transmission. PowerHydrant is an early stage start-up focused on applying the "smart phone dividend" to deliver 3D sensor based conductive autonomous fast-charging for Autonomous Vehicles and eMobility.

Huge advances

Synergy Aircraft will display working models of its radically different electric aircraft with a dramatic new wing structure. Planned solar cars for general sale are revealed. New technologies include structural electronics including 3D printed electronics, graphene, triboelectrics making tires produce electricity instead of heat, super-efficient GaAs satellite photovoltaics coming to earth on vehicles near you, reinvented supercapacitors for traction and Toyota's progress with radically new traction battery technologies. The exhibition has its own conference floor revealing huge advances in organic, inorganic and composite materials, machinery and testing used for mechanics, electrics and electronics of electric vehicles land, water and airborne.

New reports

IDTechEx has also launched several important new reports on the subject in the run up to the event. They cover the EV overview 2017-2037, electric vehicle energy harvesting and regeneration, industrial and commercial EVs on land, triboelectric energy harvesting and also batteries for marine EVs.
Dr Harrop says, "No other event on Earth has this coverage. Those wishing to make components, materials and the vehicles themselves will at last see it all in one place. Not rows of current car models but the future".
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