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Next generation rotary engine for hybrid vehicles

Humanity needs to change its paradigm of how the average car is powered; we need to break the car's addiction to oil. But pure electric vehicles will not be affordable or convenient for the majority of drivers for the foreseeable future. The internal combustion engine is here to stay for the 21st Century, but it needs a new role; working in partnership with an electric motor. The average car should be able to drive electric in our towns and cities, but use the engine for higher speeds and longer distances. This is the most cost-effective solution, the 'best of both worlds'.
The Libralato hybrid engine is a completely new kind of rotary engine with a new thermodynamic cycle. The engine was first concept tested in 2011, followed by more rigorous proof of concept testing and analysis in 2014, which indicated that its revolutionary 9-phase cycle is effective and is capable of exceptionally high efficiency and low emissions. The Libralato engine is predicted to be the most efficient compact engine in the world; at least as efficient as a diesel engine (c.40%) using gasoline but half the size and weight.
Interview filmed at the IDTechEx Show! Berlin 2017.

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Posted on: July 7, 2017

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