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Electric Vehicles: Full 1.5 trillion dollar picture at last

Analysts IDTechEx have the widest selection of reports on electric vehicles because it looks at the full picture, forecasting in 46 categories, soon to be many more as new versions gain traction. Some recent ones indicate where the action is building. They include the overview, Electric Vehicles 2017-2037: Forecasts, Analysis and Opportunities and Last Mile Electric Vehicles 2018-2028 describing a new world of delivery drones and sidewalk robots, solar powered cargo bikes and other rethinking. How is Amazon stealing market share using last mile and now taking on Wal-Mart? Learn about the Amazon drone hive and how courier company Deutsche Post DHL is even making last mile EVs for the open market, not just using them. Why is start up PonyZero in Italy growing so fast internationally using EVs with a different customer proposition? How does Tesco, the largest UK supermarket chain newly offer one hour delivery by EV? The 1.7 million US truckers ship over $726 billion of goods, more than Amazon and WalMart combined but their last mile challenge incurs most of the cost in money and accident toll. Read what is being done about it.
The reports are constantly rewritten. For example, Electric Buses 2018-2038 now predicts the new category of driverless pure electric taxi-buses rocketing to 750,000 sales in 2028. Agricultural Robots and Drones 2017-2027: Technologies, Markets, Players has become a best seller as businesses realise that fully electric robotic farming is coming in the form of a complex market reaching $10bn as early as 2022. Mobile zero emission electricity gensets will travel from field to field to recharge agribots, probably using another new electric vehicle, the tethered power-generating drone that can rise to where the wind is strong, making electricity from it. For that see, Airborne Wind Energy 2017-2028. Indeed, much is happening in the air with billions of dollars being spent on everything from solar drones beaming the internet to pure electric aircraft that save the $100,000 spent on aviation fuel training a pilot of a small plane. Near silent, they can fly day and night, speeding payback and this is detailed in the IDTechEx reports on manned and unmanned electric aircraft including serious work on vertical takeoff, near-silent air taxis and flying cars.
To bring it all alive, the IDTechEx Show! November 15-16 in Santa Clara, California shows the Terrafugia flying car, has a presentation by the most admired manufacturer of single propeller electric aircraft Bye Aerospace and by California State University on biomimetic aircraft. Formula E now reveals the future not the Formula One belchers so Julia Landauer Racing is presenting as is Zero Motorcycles, world leader in that emerging sector and its competitor Energica. BYD, the world's largest electric vehicle manufacturer on some counts, is speaking. It says volumes that, in Europe's largest city London,the only pure electric double decker being trialled is a BYD one made in China. However, Porsche reveals its startling advances in performance cars and Next Future Transportation tells us how to rethink last mile delivery of people and things, tackling the $700 billion wasted yearly on traffic congestion, pollution and accidents in the USA. The event is truly global from rethinking EVs in Brazil to British in-wheel motors and Panasonic of Japan on smart mobility. Energy Storage and Energy Harvesting conferences run alongside so you are spoilt for choice.

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Posted on: October 27, 2017

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