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Leading Players Speak at Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing

The electric vehicle industry is on fire. However this is not the usual claim in relation to the automotive sector. Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing, the dedicated electric vehicle conference at the IDTechEx Show!, goes beyond passenger cars to cover electric vehicles for land, sea and air. Whilst the event focuses on automotive, it is the only place to follow the electrification of not just cars but light electric vehicles, commercial vans, and industrial vehicles and other emerging electric vehicle segments. We also go beyond land to focus on the electrification of air vehicles by presenting some of the pioneer companies in this industry. In addition the most recent developments in key enabling technologies such as autonomous vehicle technologies, next generation battery technologies, fast charging and new materials for electric vehicles will be addressed. Join IDTechEx in Berlin on the 11th and 12th of April at the Estrel Convention Centre.
Among the leading companies speaking at Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing you will find: Porsche Engineering, LG Chem Europe, Renault Trucks, Zero Motorcycles, Siemens AG, Enel, Umicore among others. Among the start ups and new leading players are: Samad Aerospace Limited, ZapGo and Nanoflowcell.
Porsche Engineering's Dr. Malte Jaensch will present their view of the future of electrification of cars, by presenting the results of a meta-analysis of over 120 individual forecasts, split by region, vehicle type and time horizon. LG Chem's Dr. Norbert Riegel will present the company's vision on the batteries for the future of automotive electrification. From the light electric vehicle industry the world leader Zero Motorcycles, directly from California, will present their recent developments in electric motorcycles and their view of the future of electric two wheelers. Siemens will speak about the results of their second generation ELFA drive system with 7,500 units in operation at the moment and also share with us some details of the third generation system to be launched in the near future. Characterized by high flexibility, the ELFA drive system offers vehicle manufacturers the possibility equip electric or hybrid drive drains according their specific requirements.
Whilst the main focus of electrification has been passenger cars, we tend to forget that commercial vehicles will have a key role in electrification of urban centres in which passenger cars are usually restricted. On this topic, trucks have a key role to play in electrification and IDTechEx are excited to have Renault Trucks to speak about the important role of trucks and their strategy in the future of transportation.
One of the key factor for the deployment of electric vehicles is charging infrastructure and related technologies. Managing charging will be key for the future of energy systems, Gasoline (petrol) and diesel vehicles can be refuelled in 5 minutes, and then travel 300 miles or more. ZapGo will present their new energy storage technology capable of delivering the same driver experience in a battery electric vehicle, but without the need to upgrade the national grid infrastructure. From the utility perspective we will have Narcis Vidal from Enel's eSolutions who will speak about the leading utility's perspective on Vehicle to Grid whilst sharing with the audience relevant technology insights.
Electrific, automated and connected vehicles are processes happening in parallel. That is why IDTechEx is opening a dedicated session for Autonomous and Connected vehicles. Autonomous Labs from Freie University Berlin will open the session presenting the opportunities and challenges of autonomous vehicles in the German capital.
IDTechEx's Electric Vehicles Everything is Changing brings one more year the leading players of the emerging electric vehicle industry for land, sea and air this 11th and 12th of April in Berlin. Find out more and register today at

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