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Lightweight materials for aerospace & defense: the winners and losers

The aerospace and defense sector is key to assess when it comes to the adoption of any emerging technology. The main players have specific material requirements and big budgets to address their needs. One of the key demands is lightweighting. Aerospace has the highest carbon footprint per tonne-km over any other mode of transportation and regulatory demands and economic advantages mean that saving any weight is a constant target.
A new two-part webinar from IDTechEx is available on Additive Manufacturing and Lightweight Materials for Aerospace and Defense.
Part 2 of this webinar takes place on Thursday 26th July. It has a specific focus on lightweight materials and includes:
  • Which lightweight materials will be the winners and losers in the aerospace & defense sector?
  • Composites must evolve to stay ahead of the field
  • Composites have not reached peak performance
  • Automation is key to cracking some of the composite industry's toughest problems
  • Multifunctionality is the essential next step
  • Timeline for FRPs in the civil aerospace sector
  • Is aluminium having a resurgence?
  • Titanium is more relevant now than ever before
  • Will regulatory changes let magnesium reach new heights?
  • Emerging materials come out of the lab and into an aircraft
  • CMCs are the latest hot-shots
  • MMCs emerge after previous false-starts
  • Forget what you assumed about aerogel applications
  • Can nanomaterials become macro?
IDTechEx Research has released a new report on Additive Manufacturing and Lightweight Materials for Aerospace and Defense 2018-2028 which goes far beyond what is traditionally available through the extensive gathering of technical primary information. The analysis contains roadmaps, forecasts, company profiles, and technology assessments in one of the key sectors in the adoption of early-stage technologies. This builds upon IDTechEx Research reports on Composites, Lightweight Metals, Additive Manufacturing and much more.
Register for both parts of the webinar and view other upcoming and on demand IDTechEx webinars at

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Posted on: July 17, 2018

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