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IDTechEx Announces Winners of Launchpad, New Technologies Initiative

IDTechEx Launchpad will showcase innovations from 20 start-up companies at the IDTechEx Show! held in Berlin, Germany on 10-11 April 2019 ( All winners will be showing a new working prototype or product, many for the first time.
The IDTechEx Launchpad initiative features early-stage start-ups, universities, newly spun-out companies, and research labs or government labs who will demonstrate a working prototype or product that highlights new advances in any of the related event topics of 3D printing, electric vehicles, energy storage, graphene, internet of things, printed electronics, sensors, or wearable technology.
The initiative provides the opportunity for the winning companies to exhibit their state-of-the-art technologies at this international event, alongside an estimated 200 exhibitors reaching out to over 2,500 attendees, including product developers, technology scouts and integrators.
The winners of IDTechEx Launchpad 2019 are:
About the IDTechEx Show!
The IDTechEx Show! is the largest event of its kind, featuring a large exhibition and eight concurrent conferences covering emerging technologies; including 3D printing, electric vehicles, energy storage, graphene & 2D materials, internet of things applications, printed electronics, sensors and wearable.
This unique event brings together these industry supply chains and the OEMs or integrators of these technologies, providing exhibitors and attendees with the opportunity to meet suppliers across the full value chain. Visit to learn more about this exciting event.

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Posted on: March 13, 2019

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