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EVs & Robotics in Agriculture - Market Will Pass $3 Bn Before 2030

Electric Vehicles and Robotics in Agriculture 2020-2030
Farming, forestry, robotics, hybrid, pure electric
The new 215 page report, "Electric Vehicles and Robotics in Agriculture 2020-2030" is unique in its breadth and depth. It embraces farming, forestry and turf care in the form of robotics, some initially with diesel vehicles. Mostly however, hybrid and pure electric agricultural vehicles are covered, mostly not robotic as yet.
There is no nostalgia from the past or rambling text, the results of the research being presented mainly in new infograms, graphs and timelines all focussed on the present, including much news from 2020, and future to 2030. Grasp the challenges of this industry from Japan and China to the UK and USA and the remarkable new technologies and systems approaches being adopted and what comes next.
This report is intended to assist all in the value chains of the agricultural sector in the wide sense of including turf care and forestry. Its topic is electrification and robotics because most of the time the two go together and their effect on this industry is pivotal. The up-to-date interviews, analysis and forecasts were prepared by globe-trotting, multi-lingual IDTechEx analysts at PhD level. The depth is unprecedented but it is presented without equations, the emphasis being commercial and societal impact.
The 34 page Executive Summary and Conclusions is sufficient for those in a hurry, with a critical appraisal listing 14 forces on the industry, seven reasons for going electric being compared, two infograms of the farm of the future, detail on main trends such as precision and ultra-precision farming, 18 primary conclusions brought alive with tables and graphics, adoption timelines, patent trend graph. See 16 categories forecasted by units, unit price and market value 2020-2030.
The Introduction then looks at problems, needs, emissions, water shortage, food demand increase and change in mix, regional differences in crops and approaches, crop yield and farmer age, wage and tractor purchasing trends. Here is the electric vehicle powertrain choice emerging and types becoming favoured in agriculture all being mainly in pie charts, graphs, tables and infograms.
Chapter 3 concerns Opportunities. See the UK compared with Japan, the economics of agricultural machines, the interest in small, even swarming robots in fields and precision forms indoors. The value chain and robotics as a service are analysed.
Chapter 5 brings it alive with over 70 organisations making or developing electric and robotic vehicles for agriculture, forestry, turf electric vehicles compared. Specific comparisons include lawnmowing robots and weeding robots for farms, for example. Electric tractors are a particular focus with seven illustrated case studies. Planters, transporters and forestry are also illustrates and there are critical comparisons throughout.
Chapter 6 scopes the six key enabling technologies with the seventh - autonomy - being the subject of chapter 7. "Electric Vehicles and Robotics in Agriculture 2020-2030" will be the reference book of this industry, updates being regularly incorporated as the subject is now changing rapidly.
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Posted on: November 9, 2020

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